What Do We Mean by ‘Right Practitioner First Time’?

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Imagine this…

A world in which finding the ideal occupational health provider isn’t as soul-crushing and time-consuming as finding petrol in late September/early October.

Does it sound like a fantasy?

For many employers, it can seem like one.

Hours of trawling through the internet, taking advice, wondering if you’ll ever come across a provider that has the credentials AND the availability your company needs.

All in all, it can start to become as painful as looking through dating profiles – irrelevant information, no verification, and a lot of time and energy wasted.

What do we mean at Simply-People when we say, ‘right practitioner first time’?


Less endless referral headaches

You think you need to see the GP… only to be handed off to a specialist.

It’s not an uncommon practice.

You have a musculoskeletal issue? Physio.

You have a mental health concern? Counsellor.

Referrals are usually seen as part and parcel of seeking advice around health, yet it shouldn’t have to be.

Finding the right practitioner first time means that you’re not just saving money, you’re saving valuable time – less time jumping through referral hoops, more time seeing the right practitioner and benefitting from faster recovery times instead.


It’s simple, really

Occupational health providers specialise in a variety of services, each with their own disciplines, which can seemingly make it more difficult when attempting to find one, as it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ situation.

This is not a case of referring an employee to a provider with the best marketing team or largest budget who will then refer you onto one of these specialists but actually going directly to the most appropriate clinician in the first place.

Without keeping this in mind, employers are often left in a situation reminiscent of throwing a jelly alien at the wall and hoping it sticks (newsflash: it won’t).

Generalisability does not work in this situation.

Therefore, niching down is the best option, which the Simply-People directory can do for you.

You can find a provider by service (e.g., management referral, hearing test) or type of practitioner (e.g., doctor, nurse), and you can specify whether these services should be delivered on site or remotely.

Better yet, you can even select an option to say you aren’t sure what you need and avoid a jelly alien situation.


Easy communication and clarification

A sigh of relief… you’ve found the perfect provider.

But now what?

The enquiry and quote stages of finding a provider are critical, given that essential information needs to be covered.

Fees, confidentiality, the recording of information, and the resources needed to complete the services are all areas necessary to the discussion when communicating with a provider.

Trust is an essential part of any process, and you’ll likely want to be certain that a provider that seems to tick all of the boxes is suitable to your business through reviews or example reports – all accessible from our platform.

You can hardly find the right practitioner first time without trust!


Finding the right fit

The search process for an occupational health provider can seem tedious, which mostly comes down to the necessity to look at all options before making a final decision.

Most businesses will narrow down their options into a list and begin to request quotes and references from several different providers in order to determine which will be the best fit – this can take some time.

However, of all elements in the process of finding an occupational health provider, this is the one in which taking time isn’t a bad thing.

The hard part – finding those who fit the service required and have positive reviews – has already been done.

It should simply be a case of determining the level of service you’ll receive and if this is in line with your standards.


It should always be right practitioner first time

Businesses might associate finding occupational health with the feeling of looking at their bank balance a week before payday, yet it shouldn’t have to be so tedious.

It’s important to remember why searching for the ideal provider is important.

Occupational health providers are there to ensure your workforce is safer, healthier, and as a result, more productive!

It shouldn’t ever become normalised to put off finding the best occupational health professionals for your business because of the process.

The reason that the Simply-People platform was created in the first place was to avoid the jumping through hoops that businesses have to do, so that they can get what they need, when they need it.


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